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Artwork: Cathedral of Burgos.
Chronology: Mainly 15th century.
Style: Gothic (flamígero flemish style).
Authors: Mainly built by flemish architects.

Description: It is a religious building. In the pictures we can see a high and luminous cathedral, according to the typical Gothic style, and very decorated, according to the flemish style. We can recognize the latin cross shape of the church. The facade has two twin bell towers, and a high and quite decorated transept. Inside we can observe the transept and three naives. It has wide windows that make the church's atmosphere quite luminous.

Materials: Mainly Stone (limestone), stained glasses, and Wood.  

Features: We can see many features from the Gothic style. Pointed arch is widely used in the gates, and inside the church. Rose Windows can be seen in the two facades. Pinnacles and gargoyles are used as decoration in the bell towers and the transept, specially. Spires (agujas, pináculos) are built on the top of the two bell towers. Buttreses are quite used in both facades as support, and some of them are flying buttresses, close to the transept.
Inside we can recognize the ribbed vault, stained glass windows, and a triphorium, something typical from the Romanesque style; here it has a decorative purpose. Columns and capitals are used widely decorated too.        
Purpose and function. Although (aunque) this catedral was started in the 13th century and it was an important step in St James way, the current (actual) building was built in the end of the 15th century. This is the century  when the town of Burgos is at its highest peak of power and wealth, because of the wool trade with Flandes (Belgium). The catedral became a sign of this power and prestige.

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