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1. Irregular verbs: present / simple past /participle. It can be in the interrogative and negative form.

a) Yesterday, I (go) __________ to my brother's house and I (find) __________ some old records from David Bowie. 

b) Have you ever (be) __________ in New York? I think it (be) _____ a wonderful city.

c) ______ you _______ (see) Mr Gilete yesterday? I ______ (meet) with him at five, but I (can not)  ________ go.

d) I ________ (not like) the movie we  __________ (watch) yesterday, because I _______ (not be) right when we (be) at the cinema. 

e) She  __________ (forget) the keys in the car. She ______ (have) to come back there, and she ________ (take) the keys with her.

f) Eventhough he has ______ (drive) his car thousands of times, he _______ (hate) driving. 

g) When Fátima  _____ (be) abroad in England, someone _______ (steal) her phone at home. 

h) No one _______ (hear) anything, even when the thief ________ (break) a window as he _______ (leave) the house.

i) The police ________ (tell) us that it would be difficult to find the thieves. They _____ (get) into the house without leaving clues. 

List of irregular verbs is at the end of your book...

2. Write the verb in the correct tense (escribe el verbo en el tiempo adecuado). PRESENT PERFECT. (to have + participle) 

She _______  _________ (do) her homework very early.
She has            done          her homework very early. 

a) I _______  _________  (play) football for a long time.

b) _______  you ever _________ (be) to England?  

c) We ________  _______ (not seen) Delia since June.

d) He ________  _________ (forget) my glasses at home.

e) ______ you ________ (cook) the meal I told you the other day?

f) They ______  ______ (tell) me that they saw you yesterday.

3. Write FOR and SINCE in the next sentences. 

I haven't seen Delia for ages / I haven't seen Delia since june.
  (FOR: desconocemos el momento exacto)
  (SINCE: desde un momento preciso)

a) I haven't played the piano _______ I was a child.
b) He has been friend of you _____ 2010.
c) I haven't gone to the school _______ may.
d) Mr. Sereno has been studying hard ______ weeks.
e) The stadium has been closed _______  a long time.
f) I had lived in New Yorn ______ I was a teenager. 
g) Library has opened _______ 9 o'clock. 

4. Oraciones de relativo: fill with THAT, WHICH, WHOSE, WHERE or WHO the next sentences. Sometimes THAT and WHO are possible.

a) This is the person _______ gave me the pencil.
b) This man, __________ car is broken in the middle of the road, asked for help to other people.   
c) This is the place ________ Rodrigo is living. 
d) A widow is a woman ___________ husband is dead. 
e) The museum ________ we want to visit is open tomorrow.
f) The bed _____ is closer to you is the bed ________ you are going to sleep tonight.
g) A firefighter is a person _______ that works putting out fires. 

2. a) Have played / b) Have you ever been / c) We haven't seen / d) He has forgotten / e) Have you cooked / f) They have told / 
3. Since / since / since / for / for / since / since 
4. who / whose / where / that / where / who

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