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The winners: Leonor and Marina, the pottery-girl.

Hi folks!
Don´t forget to answer all the questions we gave you when we went to La Sierrilla:

a) Parque del Príncipe. Different vegetation, different landscapes.
Identify at least two exotic trees, two river trees and two mediterranean trees. Be careful with the mistakes, it will be punished.

b) The crab (invasory species) and the eutrofización. Describe both things widely and what threat for the environment is (qué amenaza supone para el medio ambiente).

c) Geomorfología: Don´t forget to include:
    - Fountains (and why they are in the bottom of the valleys)
(warning: aquí no hablamos de fuentes de los parques, sino fuentes antiguas). Aguas Vivas, la Madrila and find a photo of Fuente hinche.
- Be careful with the human impact here (it is not contamination, it is erosion and lands movemmet -deslizamiento de tierras-)
- Include photos of vault, layer, anticlinal, sinclinal (these are the last thing we saw that day in Ronda Norte).
- If you have photos of fossils or sea bottom (fondo marino), explain why there was a sea in Cáceres.

d) Mediterranean Forest (sierrilla)
Don't make mistakes. If you are not sure of the photos you took, check them in Internet.
Describe the relief you can see from the top of Sierrilla (if you have a photo of the mountain chain, include it).

Individual work:
COMPOSITION: 200 words (in English or Spanish).
The water, landscape or the human impact (and not only "pollution" or contaminación). 

You can find extra information in:

Have fun! It must be finished on friday.

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